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Our care managers are here for you. They're nurses or social workers who understand you or your child’s health issues and help you get the care you need. They work with you long-term in the care management program and short-term via our Special Needs Unit. Not sure if you need extra care? Complete a health risk survey to find out.


Get extra help when you need it

Get extra help when you need it

Anytime you need access to extra care, our care managers in the Special Needs Unit can help. They’re here to help you access all your benefits and more. Just call our Special Needs Unit at 1-855-346-9828 (TTY: 711) and we can help you:

  • Buscar un proveedor.
  • Get a ride to a doctor’s appointment if you need one
  • Manage a behavioral health crisis
  • Get a lead screening test for your child
  • Connect with resources in your community
  • Learn about our care management program for longer-term care

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You can call our Special Needs Unit at 1-855-346-9828 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. 

What does a care manager do?

What does a care manager do?

Care managers work with both adults and children facing complex health care needs. They share info about your health conditions and ways to take care of yourself. In addition to finding the care that’s right for you, they can also help you:


  • Learn more about health conditions you may have, like asthma, diabetes or obesity
  • Arrange rides to health care visits with a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) service
  • Work with your primary care provider (PCP), family and specialists to get you the services and care you need 
  • Get special equipment and home health services if you need them 

Does your child have a disability that qualifies them for PH-95 benefits? If yes, a care manager can help them transition from their CHIP benefits over to their new Medicaid benefits.

Learn more about the
PH-95 Category benefit.

To help decide which services best meet your needs, the care manager works with:

  • You
  • Your provider
  • Your representative or guardian (if you have one)

Managing chronic conditions

Managing chronic conditions

Some health issues need ongoing care. If you’re managing a chronic condition, you can join our care management program. A dedicated care manager can help you get the treatment you need to feel better. They can help you manage conditions like asthma, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), diabetes, depression and more. 


Chronic disease management

Get healthy meals delivered

If you’re living with a chronic condition, the foods you eat can make a difference in your health.

Your care manager can find out if you qualify for extra nutrition help. They can refer you to MANNA, a meal-delivery and nutrition counseling service. With MANNA’s program you’ll get:

  • Three meals a day delivered to you for 12 weeks
  • Meals that are medically tailored to your needs 
  • Nutrition coaching so you know how your diet affects your condition
  • The tools you need to improve your health and quality of life

Learn more about MANNA




Are you pregnant or planning to start a family? A care manager can help you stay healthy through your pregnancy. If your pregnancy is high risk, they can help you get the special care you need. You’ll get support, including info about preterm labor and birth.


Pregnancy care

Early intervention programs

Does your child have disabilities or developmental delays?  A care manager can help you find out if they qualify for more benefits, like early intervention services.


CONNECT is an early intervention program for children who might have developmental delays.  CONNECT can help parents work with providers to get the services their child may need. To learn more, you can visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education website or call CONNECT at 1-800-692-7288.

Complete your health risk survey


This will help us decide on what level of care you need. Once you complete the survey, we’ll review your results and talk with you about your care options.

To get started with your health risk survey, contact our Special Needs Unit at 1-855-346-9828 (TTY: 711). They can help you with the survey Monday through Friday, from 10 AM to 12 PM and from 1 PM to 3 PM. You can also leave a voicemail anytime. They’ll call you back within one business day.


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