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Our health and wellness library is full of articles and tips to keep you as healthy as you can be. You’ll find topics to help guide you through your health care and to help you make healthy choices.* 


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Take control of your health

You can read a wide range of articles to help you manage your health. You’ll also find info on how to get the most from your Aetna Better Health® Kids plan.  


We’ve grouped our library articles into four sections for quick access:

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Find more info

Krames Online 

With this health resource, you’ll have access to more than 4,000 topics about health and medication, including:


  • Diseases and conditions
  • Treatments and procedures 
  • Over-the-counter products 
  • Prescriptions 
  • Vitamins and supplements


The National Institutes of Health works with the National Library of Medicine to provide this resource for patients and their families and friends. You’ll get the health info you need in language you can understand. This service is reliable, up to date and free. You can use it to find:


  • The latest treatments
  • Info on a medication or supplement
  • The meaning of terms you don’t understand
  • Helpful medical videos or pictures
  • Links to the latest medical research on your topic
  • Info about clinical trials in your area for a disease or condition



You can visit the KidsHealth website to find:


  • Thousands of medically reviewed articles
  • Helpful videos for kids 
  • Age-friendly news for parents, kids and teens





*Health information found on this website is general in nature. It is not a substitute for professional health care. It's not meant to replace the advice of health care professionals. For specific health care needs or complete health information, please be sure to see a doctor or other health care provider.


KidsHealth is a trademark of The Nemours Foundation.

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