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Dental and oral health resources

Whether you’re a pediatric primary care provider (PCP) or dental practitioner, you play a vital role in preventing oral disease in the children you see. Find resources and tools to help make a positive impact on the oral, and overall, health of our members. 

How PCPs can help

Good dental health habits early in life have a positive impact on overall health, yet most infants and toddlers will see their PCP long before they see a dentist. This puts PCPs on the front line in the fight against pediatric tooth decay. Each visit with a young child is an opportunity to screen for tooth decay, gum inflammation and oral abnormalities, as well as refer them to a dentist. You can also help members when you:

  • Remind them of healthy habits that limit exposure to oral disease
  • Provide topical fluoride varnish — a service that can be done in-office by a PCP or CRNP 
  • Encourage parents and guardians to start scheduling regular preventive dental care at the eruption of the first tooth and no later than age one 

Learn more about pediatric oral health

Get guidance on talking points with parents, dental referrals, fluoride varnish, and more with these oral health care tips for PCPs (PDF)


The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Healthy Teeth, Healthy Children program also offers an oral health training program for pediatric practices. You and your practice can learn how to:


  • Obtain and apply fluoride varnish (PDF)
  • Implement the guidelines of the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center
  • Increase revenue through additional reimbursement


For details, you can email the program or call them at 1-484-446-3059

Even if you don’t provide oral care in your practice, you can still play a vital role in the oral health of our members by referring them to a dental provider.

Aetna Better Health® Kids members have dental benefits through SKYGEN USA. You can use our member dental web portal and dental provider search to refer them to a nearby dental practice.

Salzmann index evaluation form (PDF)


Sealant on first molars (SFM) performance measures (PDF)


Learn about our dental Quality Practice Liaisons (QPL). This program was developed to improve communication and satisfaction with our dental providers and improve quality performance metrics.

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